The Financial Details Of The Business Are As Follows:

Annual Turnover for the Saideep Enterprises is Rs. 1,65,00,000/- for the financial year 2015-16, Rs.1,85,00,000/- for financial year 2016-17, Rs.2,85,00,000/- for financial year 2017-18, Rs. 2,60,00,000/- for financial year 2018-19 is , The estimated turnover of financial year 2019-20 is 2,80,00,000

The turnover of the firm is increasing year by year due to increase in customer base. The proprietor has good amount of investment appropriated from the business. The firm enjoys a good financial assistance from its relatives and bank as and when required. The Syndicate Bank, Citi Bank has already financed for the purchase of vehicle. The proprietor has kept  the belief of all the financer intact from his timely repayment.

The proprietor keeps the ability to raise the finance to cater the business needs. At the end to sum up the proprietor looks sound at financial sector of his business.